The process of de-addiction and rehabilitation

Addiction is a psychological condition where a person compulsively engages in rewarding stimuli like consumption of illicit drugs, despite knowing about its adverse effects and consequences. It is a dependence on a substance or activity that is beyond his voluntary control. Examples of drug and behavioral addictions include alcoholism, nicotine addiction, cocaine addiction, amphetamine benzodiazepine facts addiction.

Initially, when a person ingests a substance that can be pleasurable, he might like how it makes him feel. He believes that he can control the quantity and frequency of his intake. But, drugs can interfere and change the functioning of the brain. Continuation of usage of the substance becomes compulsive and interferes with responsibilities of normal life. It can affect the person's health, work, and relationships.

He starts taking higher doses of drugs more frequently even after it causing problems for him and his family. He may not be aware that he has developed an addiction and that his behavior is out of control. A substance initially taken by a person for pleasure might result in his consuming it even to feel normal.

Addiction can happen at any age. It is not a mere weakness but an illness like a heart disease or cancer. It becomes the most important thing in his life, more than everything else he used to enjoy before.

He can go up to any extreme just to keep taking the drug. Addiction can quickly take over a person's life without his slightest knowledge.


Let us know the facts of smoking to understand how an addiction can impact a person's life.

Smoking facts

Smoking cigarettes and tobacco is a habit dangerous to a person's health.

It can affect lungs very badly and can cause fatal diseases like pneumonia, emphysema and lung cancer.

Quitting smoking is not easy at all as it is very addictive because of its nicotine content. It can lead to long lasting adverse effects on your health.

Integumentary system

Due to smoking, the likelihood of fungal nail infections and skin cancer becomes higher. Changes in the skin of smokers can be easily noticed along with hair loss, baldness and graying of hair.
Effects on reproductive system
Blood flow to the genital areas gets affected due to nicotine resulting in sexual dissatisfaction and decrease in sexual desire.

De-addiction and rehabilitation      
Getting rid of an addiction is not easy and needs a lot of commitment and hard work throughout life. But the benefits are immeasurable. Treatment plans will vary according to the type of addiction, level of addiction and the person seeking rehab. Recovery process includes

  • Detoxification
  • Rehabilitation
  • Recovery

Key principles of a de-addiction treatment program.

Addiction affects your behavior and brain.

Addiction must be treated as early as possible for a successful recovery.

The patient can be compelled to go to a rehab to the court, employers, or family or friends.

Treatments work differently for different patients hence every patient requires a customized
treatment plan.

A holistic approach is needed to address all areas of the patient.

Proper dedication and commitment from the patient is required as it a long road towards recovery.

Behavioural therapy will be individual and also in the group including family and friends.

Medicines are required along with therapy.

Treatment plans should be revised as an when required

Proper care should be taken to avoid relapse of the condition